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ScreenWipe - mobile phone screen cleaners

Flat ScreenWipe - the sticky screen cleaner that sticks to the back of the mobile. Microfibre cleaning cloth digitally printed in full colour on 1 side, with a semi-adhesive back. Simply peel off, wipe the screen, then stick back on the mobile. Flat ScreenWipes are supplied packed on a business card sized backing card in a clear polybag as standard. For more information click here.


Executive ScreenWipe - top of the range microfibre backed mobile screen cleaner. This mobile charm has a solid feel to it. Artwork is encapsulated inside the wipe and is visible through the clear plastic top surface.

Keep your mobile phone screen clean with a screen wipe.

Mobile ScreenWipe - our original screen cleaning mobile phone charm. Made with an especially developed microfibre that cleans delicate mobile phone screens without smearing or scratching. Logos are printed underneath the clear vinyl top surface for maximum protection. The wipe attaches to the mobile via an elastic cord and a 3.5mm plastic jack. This fits the earphone hole of mobiles, tablets and portable handheld consoles.

Molded ScreenWipe - molded microfibre backed screen cleaner that gives logos a 3D textured feel. The different coloured parts of logos and text stand proud of the background colour.

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